Ilham Aliyev calls for halting “non-priority projects”

Despite a bullish assessment of the Azerbaijani economy, President Ilham Aliyev calls for scaling back budget expenses and halting “non-priority projects.”

Speaking at the opening cabinet meeting on October 12, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev called for stopping “non-priority projects” and revising state budgetary expenses,



“State budget funds should be spent sparingly,” the president noted.

“Businesses should pay taxes on time, but they should not be required unjustified payments, and measures to combat corruption should be enhanced,” he added.

The remarks came in stark contrast to an overall bullish assessment of the Azerbaijani economy laid out by Aliyev. He maintained that the economy grew by 3.7%, “in spite of the global economic crisis, the fall in oil prices, unreasonable pressure on our country and open provocation.”

According to the Azerbaijani president, the non-hydrocarbon sector jumped by 10%, and agriculture by 6.7%. Aliyev pegged inflation at 3.7% in the first nine months of the year, and noted that the volume of investment totaled $16 billion over that period.

Furthermore, the president touted the country’s “superiority over the enemy” and progress in transport and military construction.

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