Harsher regulations are on their way for media law in Azerbaijan

It isn’t just the overall civil society suffering from the crackdown. While the Azerbaijani authorities are persecuting journalists and have been doing so for many years, a recent statement by the parliamentary member Siyavus Novruzov rang some alarm bells. According to the parliament member new amendments to the law on media are being currently discussed for the inclusion at the assembly’s autumn session.

It is likely the law will be amended imposing stricter measures on media outlets as well as social networks. While much of the measures are focusing on severe penalties for publishing misinformation or unconfirmed information a statement by Novruzov with regard to social networks was surprising. Parliament member said he proposed an introduction of some form of registry system for users wanting to post comments. The system will require login into an additional platform where identification data will be taken for the state records.

Although Movruzov did not make any further comments as to how such system would work, he did firmly confirm existence of such registration methods in some developed countries. Which countries resorted to such measures however were not specified.

Such registration system will require Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to apply country-specific limitations to access which would fall against the company’s rules and procedures.

Ana səhifəNewsHarsher regulations are on their way for media law in Azerbaijan