Greens/EFA nominnee for this year’s Sakharov Prize is Leyla Yunus

Leyla Yunus, jailed human rights advocate is nominated for this year’s Sakharov Prize by the Greens in EP.

Greens in the European Parliament

announced their nominee for this year’s Sakharov Prize. It is a well known Azerbaijani human rights defender Leyla Yunus.

The announcement came through Green’s official Twitter account @GreensEP:

Leyla Yunus, a human rights defender from Azerbaijan, is the Greens/EFA nominee for this year’s #SakharovPrize — Greens in the EP (@GreensEP) September 17, 2014

The Sakharov Prize

is intended to honour exceptional individuals who combat intolerance, fanaticism and oppression. Like Andrei Sakharov himself, all the winners of the prize have shown how much courage it takes to defend human rights and freedom of expression.

Among others nominated from Azerbaijan are Rasul Jafarov and Intigam Aliyev for their valuable work in

exposing human rights

violations in Azerbaijan.

Ana səhifəNewsGreens/EFA nominnee for this year’s Sakharov Prize is Leyla Yunus