Good morning. Good night. Hang in there.



Very often, Azerbaijanis like to wish their friends and family good morning, good evening or good day on Facebook. But such words can only be said in a country where goodness is felt everywhere in life: which means that people have jobs, a salary or pension they can live on and live without fear for themselves and their families. They trust in the future. 

In Azerbaijan, where over 90% of the population cannot feed their families, give their children a good education and where history and culture are barbarously destroyed every day in plain sight of the eyes of the nation, there can be no good mornings or good evenings. And the people continue to sleep and remain silent or whisper fearfully in the kitchen. 

I simply cannot understand why people who have lost absolutely everything, who cannot feed their families, for whom life in a prison cell would be equal to paradise compared to the shameful life they lead in so called "freedom”, are still singing praises for the regime.
In Azerbaijan, every day, every hour, every minute people are being humiliated and "genetically" destroyed. 

What else should the West do? How many Khadijas, Leila Ilgars, Intigams, Tofiqs, Yadigar Arifs should the regime imprison, how many more intellectuals should leave the country so that the people wake up?!

Continue to be afraid and to whisper! Maybe the West will land their troops in Baku and will save the people? Or they will jail all the relatives of Ganimat and Emin, and they will start singing their praises as well?

Maybe the good has died in Azerbaijan? Maybe that's why there can be neither good mornings nor evenings? The people have to understand the fact that a good morning and evening, a decent life, self-confidence and trust in the future are not achieved naturally over time, but only through the exercise of citizenship, the expression of a collective position and the awareness of their role in society. 

I do not believe in the death of good in my country! I believe in my people, in my Azerbaijan, in the ultimate triumph of truth and justice!

Hang in there. I wish you all a good morning, day and evening. 

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