Fifteen journalists named in criminal investigation of Meydan TV

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor’s Office has named 15 individuals in the criminal investigation launched against Meydan TV, lawyer Elchin Sadigov said.

No one has been officially charged yet, but a number of journalists have been unlawfully barred from leaving the country.

In addition, some have had their homes searched, and their equipment has been confiscated without a warrant.

Over the past several months, the Prosecutor’s Office has repeatedly summoned Meydan TV contributors for questioning, and several have been subjected to tax audits.

Azerbaijani authorities launched a criminal investigation into Meydan TV for alleged illegal practice and profit-making in an especially large amount, large-scale tax evasion and abuse of power resulting in falsification of elections and/or referendum results, Sadigov said earlier.

Sadigov deems the criminal charges unfounded, but is concerned that the journalists may face arrests.

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