European Court of Human Rights releases 13 case verdicts

”Kompensasiya 11000-12000 avro təşkil edir”

On June 16th, the European Court of Human Rights released verdicts on cases presented in connection with the parliament elections of 2010, during which numerous individuals were excluded from the voting process.

Human rights’ lawyer Esabali Mustafayev commented on his personal Facebook page: “I presented two of these cases on behalf of Ahad Mammadli. One of the decisions for these cases has been presented. The European court recognized violations of articles 5, 6 and 11 (the right to freedom, the right to a fair trial and the freedom of assembly), and ordered the government to award the plaintiff 13150 euros in compensation.”

Esabali Mustafayev added that, 11 cases led and presented by Intiqam Aliyev had also been resolved. Compensation to the amount of 11000 – 12000 euros was awarded to the plaintiffs.

He listed Qaya Aliyev, Shakir Mammadov, Fuad Aliyev, Amrulla Dadashzade, Khaliq Haciyev, Ziyafet Huseinli, Akif Javadov, Sekhavet Soltanov, Elnur Mecidli, Arzuman Mecidli and Intiqam Aliyev in the list of individuals whose right to vote had been violated.

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