EU Concerned by sentencing of Hasan Huseynli

EU might be concerned but Azerbaijan is still the current chair of the Council’s of Europe’s Committee of Ministers

On July 17, the EU released a

press statemen

t on the case of Hasan Huseynli. The statement is fairly short, keeping the message clear and simple- EU is concerned.

“We have learned with concern that Hasan Huseynli, leader of a respected NGO in Azerbaijan, has been harshly sentenced to a lengthy prison term by the Ganja Court on 14 July 2014 on alleged charges of hooliganism.

The key European body also recognized the consistent pattern of rights violations calling on Azerbaijan to stay true to its obligations and commitments as the chair of the Council.

However such statements have little or no impact in Azerbaijan. In fact, there is even a response mechanism geared especially at statements as such in the form of “mind-your-own-business” rhetoric. Alas if it also goes as far as to Azerbaijani spokespeople listing everything that is wrong within the EU, politically, socially and/or economically.

And so back at square one, EU is faced yet again, with another grave violation right under its nose and it is yet again incapable of doing much.

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