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Detained Muslim Union Movement member Anar Jabbarov released

A member of the Muslim Unity Movement who was deported from Turkey in the end of March and detained upon arrival at Baku airport has been released again.

Anar Jabbarov, a loyal supporter of religious leader Taleh Bagirzade, was released on 5 April after having been being held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Office for Combating Organized Crime, also known as ‘Bandhotel’.

His relatives told Meydan TV that he was accused of drug possession but that the charges against him were dropped due to lack of evidence.

"He was transferred to a [Baku] detention center on 3 April, and he was brought back in the evening of 4 April. The drug charges and the entire criminal case were terminated a day later because he has nothing to do with drugs”, a family member said.

According to his relatives, Jabbarov, who is based in Turkey, was deported from the country after the validity of his residence permit was questioned by Turkish authorities. They say he was taken from a Turkish Immigration Department to the Azerbaijani Consulate and then brought to Baku.

His wife believes that Jabbarov was detained for actively supporting the family members of jailed Muslim Unity Movement members.

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