Constitutional Referendum: Live Blog


The Central Election Commission’s Information Center has announced the


for 3,950 of 5,627 polling stations. Currently ‘yes’ votes are leading by large margins for all the proposed constitutional amendments. The proposal to lengthen the presidential term limit from five to seven years has been approved by 91.19% of voters so far, and the amendment eliminating the minimum age requirement for the president currently has 91.03% approval.

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The Central Election Commission’s 115 Hotline received no complaints regarding the vote on the constitutional referendum according to Farid Orujov, the head of the Commission’s Information Center.

He stated that during voting the 115 Hotline received no reports of lawbreaking, but it did receive several calls inquiring about the addresses of polling stations.


A demonstration in the Netherlands was also held in protest of the proposed amendments to the constitution.


Voting has come to an end as of 19:00. Citizens voted at 125 administrative divisions at more than 5600 voting districts. More than 117 observers from 18 foreign organizations participated in the monitoring of the voting process. From these, several parliamentary members and delegations of Turkey, Great Britain, France, Australia, Australia and other countries participated.

53,000 residents of Azerbaijan also served as observers. More than 69% of the country’s eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots.


Azerbaijanis in Tbilisi held a demonstration outside the embassy of Azerbaijan. The embassy called the Georgian police, who arrived on scene but did not interfere in the peaceful demonstration. Demonstrators held signs that read “No to monarchy!” and “The people don’t want a king!”


Azerbaijani Popular Front Party leader commented on the ongoing constitutional referendum: “The nation is entirely boycotting this referendum. Voting stations are empty. The authorities have proved unsuccessful in even achieving the appearance of voter activity. In connection with the decrease in oil and gas dollars, the government has been unable to motivate the people to vote. The people are showing no real support for the government. Instead, it would appear that they desire the official cancellation of the referendum. Foundations reforms and changes are not far off!”


More footage of ballot stuffing recorded in Bineqedi voting station No. 8.


Ballot stuffing caught on camera in Narimanov – Nizami district voting station No. 27


The head of the Information Center of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Secretariat, Farid Orujov, said that as of 12:00, 30.6% of eligible voters in the country had already cast their votes.

As of 10:00, 12.9% of votes had been cast.


Reports of “carousel” voting in Karadagh – Bineqedi – Yasamal district voting centers No. 26 and No. 27.

Head of voting center No. 26, Elshan Valiyev, denies these claims.


President Ilham Aliyev and his family cast their votes.

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