Chairman of separatist movement to be extradited to Azerbaijan

Fakhraddin Abbasov is the chairman of the parliament of the unrecognized Talysh-Mughan Republic

Fakhraddin Abbasov (Aboszadeh)
Fakhraddin Abbasov (Aboszadeh)

On 6 September, Fakhraddin Abbasov (Aboszadeh), was detained in Russia. On 7 September, a court in the city of Lyubertsy in Moscow Oblast ruled that Abbasov must remain in custody for a month as he awaits extradition to Azerbaijan.

On 12 July of this year, the Sabail district court in Baku launched criminal proceedings against Abbasov, charging him with inciting discord and calling for the dissolution of the state.

Abbasov was elected chairman of the parliament of the unrecognized, separatist Talysh-Mughan Republic in 1993. In 1994, he left Azerbaijan and emigrated to Russia.

In May 2005, Armenia hosted the first international conference on Talysh studies, in which Fakhraddin Abbasov took part. He delivered a talk called “Protection of the Talysh Language and People.” In Azerbaijan the conference was widely seen as support for separatism.

In September 2010, Abbasov filed for temporary asylum in the Russian Federation, which he was granted. On 26 February 2014, Abbasov obtained a residence permit as a foreign citizen. But although he applied for Russian citizenship in late 2014, his application has still not been processed.

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