Baku Olympic Stadium, where the UEFA Europa League Final will be held.

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Caption: Baku Olympic Stadium, where the UEFA Europa League Final will be held.

Baku: UK Foreign Office warning of terror attacks in Azerbaijan ‘not understandable’

Article was updated on :  14 May 2019

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said the UK Foreign Office statement warning its citizens of possible terror attacks in their trip to the post-Soviet country is “not understandable".

“The travel advice by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Azerbaijan released on the eve of the UEFA Europe League Final match to be played on May 29 in Baku is not understandable and causes surprise," Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

The UK Foreign Office has issued a statement warning British citizens, mostly Arsenal and Chelsea fans, to be more careful as terror attacks are “likely" in the country.

"Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Azerbaijan," the Foreign Office statement reads.

Both football teams are at the Europe League final which is set to take place in the capital city of Baku on May 29.

The UK Foreign Office warning led to some concerns among the London football club supporters.

“If Arsenal and Chelsea really cared about their supporters, they would get together and tell UEFA that they are not going! The game could quite easily be played at Wembley," one Arsenal fan said on Twitter.

“Security and stability are fully ensured in Azerbaijan," the Azerbaijani ministry’s statement later reads adding that Azerbaijan hosts various international events and foreign nationals visiting the country to be part of these events are “absolutely satisfied with effective maintenance of public order."

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Article was updated on :  14 May 2019
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