Baku State University’s Rector: ‘I will kick you out!’

Following the Thursday’s student protest in Baku State University, rector Abel Maharramov met with the protesters and the faculty on February 21. During the event fourth-year history student Ramila Kichiyeva took the microphone to address her question:

“On January 7th, I had an exam on Russian History of Caucasus. Although my results were good, I was requested a bride of 70 AZN. The professor told me ‘I will fail you, if you don’t pay me’,” said Ms. Kichiyeva. “12 out of 25 students failed. Why? The results are available. How long will this corruption last? How long?”

Mr. Maharramov, who is also a Member of Parliament, responded: “If you had bribed, you would get a grade.”

Watch the video to see the full conversation.

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