Azerbaijani soldier kills two comrades

‘They didn’t know the password and he shot both of them.’

Shahin Ahmadov
Shahin Ahmadov

An Azerbaijani soldier serving at a base in the Tovuz region has killed two of his comrades. The two other soldiers were unable to give a password when asked.

Meydan TV first learned of the incident from sources close to Shahin Ahmadov, who was one of the victims. Farhad Hajiyev, a representative of the Aghstafa Regional Executive Authority in Ahmadov’s home village Sadiqli, confirmed the incident:

‘The base’s Chief of Staff informed me that [Shahin Ahmadov] went to his post early that morning [4 August] with one other soldier. Just before dawn another soldier returning to the base from the trenches asked them for the password. They didn’t know it and he shot both of them….The other [victim] was a 19-year-old draftee.’

Shahin Ahmadov was born in 1986 in a village in the Tovuz region called Alibayli. He had been serving as a contract soldier.

On the day of the incident, 4 August, another soldier serving in Alibayli, Vahid Musayev, was reported killed. ‘His family has been informed that he fell as a martyr,’ said the Municipal Chairman of Musayev’s home village of Shakar in the Goychay region, Gurban Ibrahimov. ‘His body hasn’t arrived yet. We have no information as to the conditions under which he died.’

According to sources close to Musayev, he was killed by a fellow Azerbaijani soldier. Musayev was born in 1998, making him the same age as the draftee reportedly killed alongside Shahin Ahmadov.

According to the Caspian Defense Studies Institute (CDSI), at least 35 military servicemen have died in the first six months of 2017, only 16 of whom died from enemy fire.

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