Azerbaijani Popular Front Party member missing for over a week

Azerbaijani Popular Front Party member, Kheqan Nesirov, has been missing for a little less than a week.

Nesimi district party headquarters reported his absence to Turan News Agency, and suspects that Nesirov is currently being held in police custody.

“Photos were published on the personal Facebook accounts of APFP members, in which it would appear that they are busy cleaning. For that reason, we believe that Kheqan Nasirov has been taken into custody by police officials”, reported APFP Nesimi district HQ.

The press office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not commented on Nesirov’s disappearance.

More than 10 members of the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party are currently in custody. The party believes that their arrests are all of a political nature.

The Azerbaijani government maintains that there are no political prisoners in the country.

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