Azerbaijani general killed in border clash

Major General Polad Hashimov and Colonel Ilgar Mirzayev were killed in the fighting in the Tovuz region on 14 July in the morning.

Major General Polad Hashimov and Colonel Ilgar Mirzayev were killed in the fighting in the Tovuz region on 14 July in the morning.



that the statement came from Deputy Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Karim Valiyev.

He said that Major Ahmadov Namig Hajan oglu, Major Novruzov Anar Gulverdi oglu, Gizir Zeynalli Ilgar Ayaz oglu, Gizir Babayev Yashar Vasif oglu, and soldier Mustafazade Elchin Arif oglu were killed in the clash.

According to the Defense Ministry's press service stated the fighting continued in the Tovuz region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border on the night and morning of July 13-14.

According to the ministry's press service, as a result of punitive measures taken to prevent the active activity of the Armenian armed forces, various military equipment, ammunition, command posts, reserves in the depths of defense and manpower belonging to it were destroyed.

Local media reported that a civilian was also killed in Tovuz. The deceased is a resident of Aghdam village of Tovuz region, Aziz Azizov, born in 1944. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry released a


on his death:

"By such actions, Armenia is in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions and its obligations in this regard. We call on the international community to react harshly to the targeting of the Azerbaijani civilian population by Armenian military units and the fact that Azerbaijani civilians are the victims of Armenia's deliberate bloody provocation and to condemn these illegal actions of Armenia. "

Azerbaijani military operation

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Leyla Abdullayeva wrote on her Twitter page that the Armenian armed forces targeted civilians living in the villages of Tovuz region:

"Armenia's aggressive and terrorist nature has re-emerged. Put an end to the aggression. "

The ceasefire was violated in the direction of Tovuz region on July 12 at noon. According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, the Armenian armed forces fired on Azerbaijani positions using artillery. The Defense Ministry said that four soldiers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were killed and four were wounded in the fighting.

Although it was reported that Azerbaijani serviceman Elchin Mustafazadeh was also killed on the night of July 13-14, the Defense Ministry has not yet provided any information.

Azərbaycan ordusunun verdiyi itkilər
Azerbaijan military losses, l-r

Azerbaijan military losses (left to right in photograph)

1) Hashimov Polad Israyil oglu, resident of Sumgayit, originally from Vendam village of Gabala, born in 1975

2) Colonel Mirzayev Ilgar Anzor oglu, Baku, resident of Khatai district, chief of artillery, born in 1973

3) Mustafazadeh Elchin Arif oglu, resident of Hasansu village, Agstafa region, MAXE soldier, born in 1992

4) Ilgar Ayaz oglu Zeynalli, resident of Jalilli village of Tovuz region

5) Babayev Yashar Vasif oglu, resident of Kochasgar village, Agstafa region

6) Major Novruzov Anar Gulverdi oglu, Masalli region, resident of Arkivan settlement

7) Major Ahmadov Namig Hajan oglu, resident of Yukhari Salahli village, Gazakh region

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