Azerbaijan goes to the polls in parliamentary elections

Article was updated on :  9 February 2020

Azerbaijan is holding extraordinary parliamentary elections today, with ballots opening at 8 am local time. Polls close at 7 pm.

According to the Central Election Commission, 1,314 candidates will participate in the elections at today with over 5 million registered voters able to vote at 5,573 polling stations. 79% of the registered candidates are men and 21% are women.

As voting draws to a close a number of violations have already been reported across the country:

According to Khalid Bagirov, the candidate for deputy from the 76th Lankaran-Astara constituency, the advisor, members of the election commission and observers were beaten at polling station No. 30. One woman, Jala Bayramova, was reportedly dragged by her hair at polling station No. 16.

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, candidate for the 29th Sabail constituency, says he is not allowed to attend the polling station.

Emil Pashayev reports that police took away an election observer in the 27th Sabanchu constituency at polling station No. 2.

A woman registered in Masalli attempted to vote at another polling station where she was not registered, and a video records poll officials appearing to allow her to.

RFL Azerbaijani reports that at the 124th Shusdha-Aghdam-Khojali-Khojavand No. 14 polling station early in the day, 5 people had voted yet over 40 used ballots were visible. Officials refused to explain the discrepency.

At the 125th Zangilan-Gubali constituency's polling station No. 34 the voting process was stopped after protests by observers over violations, including not allowing for videos to be taken and voter fraud.

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Article was updated on :  9 February 2020
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