Azerbaijan disqualified from Olympic weightlifting

Valentin Christov
Valentin Christov

After the release of the updated World Cup 2015 results made by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) in Houston, Azerbaijan lost its right to compete in the upcoming Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Formerly standing at 16th place, Azerbaijan’s ranking fell to 31st place after 6 weightlifters were caught doping at the World Cup in 2015. This disqualifies the Azerbaijani weightlifting team from competing at the Olympics, as the quota is received only by the top 24 countries.

In the women’s competition, Azerbaijan came in 26th. However, only the top 21 countries received a spot at the games.

Had the team retained their spot, the male team of Azerbaijan would have been able to go to Rio with a team of four men.

But, as it stands, Azerbaijan will not be participating in the weightlifting competitions at the Olympic games for the first time since 1996.

Azerbaijan was recently deprived of five World Cult – 2015 awards: 2 bronze medals won by Valentin Christov, 2 silver medals by Firidun Guliyev and Elkhan Aligulizade.

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