“Azerbaijan condemns the attempted coup in Turkey”

Azerbaijan strongly condemns the attempted military coup in Turkey, said the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Novruz Mammadov to

Trend News Agency.

“We have followed with concern the events in Turkey. The President of Azerbaijan was also highly disturbed, as was all of Azerbaijan, which is of course natural. This is a coup directed against the will and choice of the Turkish nation. This is a coup directed against the constitution and against Turkey’s democracy.” said Novruz Mammadov.

According to him, Azerbaijan strongly condemns the military coup and considers it unacceptable.

“Everyone is aware of the friendship and partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey, between our brotherly nations and our heads of State. Azerbaijan will always stand beside Turkey.” said Novruz Mammadov.

“Turkey is not the same country that it used to be, and such attempts are no longer realistic nor accepted [by the people]. In the Turkey of today, the president and government are democratically elected by the nation. And the nation stands by their choice. I think that this attempted coup will be remember as the last in the history of Turkey.” he concluded.

Early Saturday morning military personnel tried to seize Ataturk International Airport in an attempted coup.

The number of those killed in the chaos is close to 200, more than 1000 have been injured. More than 1500 have been arrested.

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