Azad Rahimov: Protect your windows with tape.

Azad Rahimov, Minister of Sport and Youth, suggested that shopkeepers should seal their windows with tape in preparation for the Formula 1 races, and encouraged citizens to take other additional security measures for the Grand Prix. The Minister warned shop owners whose properties are located near the track to reinforce their windows: the deafening sound of the racing motors could potentially break glass.

Rahimov advised a traditional criss – cross pattern: “Although shop windows are thick, I would still advise shop – keepers to protect their glass windows with by applying tape in the shape of a criss – cross.”

In the same announcement, Rahimov urged the capital’s residents to learn how to profit from F1. “If the law does not prohibit, let the people make a profit! In Monaco, the race has been held for the past 50 years, and residents of the city perceive of this event not only as a race, but also as an opportunity to generate income.

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