Attack on Meydan TV’s Berlin Office

On Sunday early morning February 23 Meydan TV’s Berlin office was attacked by an unknown vandal, or a group. As a result, one of the office windows and the glass entrance door were broken. A large heavy brick, which was found inside the office, appears to have been used in the attack. Berlin police launched the investigation.

The attack came amidst the

recent interview

given by Emin Milli, Meydan TV’s director, to German “DIE ZEIT.” The article reported on a 75,000 Euro worth of donation that government submitted in support of professorship of Prof. Eva-Maria Auch, Chair of Azerbaijani history department of Berlin’s Humboldt University. In his interview Emin Milli called the act “Aliyev’s PR strategy” abroad and “propaganda of the dictatorship.”

Journalists and bloggers employed by Meydan TV have been threatened and targeted in the past. In the beginning of last year police provided Meydan TV with temporary protection after our social media manager Habib Muntezir was threatened. In April 2013 Meydan TV published information we received from reliable sources about an Azerbaijani diplomat Tural Gurbanov, who was sent to Berlin to carry out the assassination of Mr. Muntezir. Mr. Gurbanov

was later found dead

 in a five star hotel on the Maldive Islands on July 25, 2013.

We will continue informing our readers about the updates on the case.

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