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Another regional mayor sacked in Azerbaijan

Alimpasha Mammadov reportedly detained by the State Security Service.

Alimpasha Mammadov, head of the Shamkir District Executive Power, has been relieved of his post. He was then reportedly detained.

President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on 27 April removing him from his position.

The previous day, the State Security Service (DTX) had conducted an operation in the Shamkir District Administration.

This was reported to Meydan TV by Shamkir residents.

Alimpasha Mammadov, who has been the head of the Shamkir District Executive Power since 2014, has worked in the Territorial Tax Office No. 2 and as the head of the Baku Tax Department.

A wave of arrests of chief executives in Azerbaijan began in December 2020 with the arrest of former Yevlakh mayor Goja Samedlov. Statements issued by the State Tax Inspectorate claim that during their tenure, the mayors misappropriated millions from the budget allocated for construction and improvement works in the regions, and received large bribes from citizens.

Goja Samadov and the executives of Agstafa, Neftchala, Bilasuvar, Imishli, Kurdamir and Jalilabad districts arrested after him were charged with abuse of office, large-scale bribery and embezzlement.

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