And all those drugs

It must have been the recent wave of arrests on the bases of illegal drug possession (and/or illegal trade) that prompted someone within the government of Azerbaijan and/or it law enforcement institutions to get rid of any left drugs (3 tons as turns out!) in the country to avoid any further cases of this nature and save the image of the country.

But the plan only worked half way. The drugs were gotten rid of (at least by shipping them off the territory), only to reach the border of Georgia where the shipment was apprehended. So the 3 tons of “liquid heroin” were prevented from entering the country  of Georgia. Well done to Georgian border control! Phew!

Surprisingly however, the “angel of good intention” won’t come through in Azerbaijan where none of the law enforcement (and law abiding) institutions claimed responsibility so far for an approval (as this kind of big shipment couldn’t just slip through quietly and invisibly) of such large package leaving the country let alone allowed to cross the border.

It has been two weeks since the incident and still no answer.

Many questions remain as how for instance, such large shipment slipped through the border? Why no one has claimed responsibility for this? And where on earth these 3 tons of “liquid heroin” come from? Does this mean there is a drug production going on in one of the most self- respected countries of the world?

There is certainly need for answers, and quicker they come, better- after all, no one wants Azerbaijan’s crystal image to shatter especially as a result of an only-good-intention-mission-to-save-the-country-from-evil.

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