ANAMA: 3 civilians hit by mine in Fuzuli

Casualties have been reported.

Those injured are reported to have received various degrees of injuries.

ANAMA, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action, reported that 3 civilians were hit by an anti-tank mine in Yukhari Yaglivand village of Fuzuli region.

It is reported that these people hit a mine while entering the area using an external road. According to the report, one of the mine victims died on the spot, and the others received various injuries.

The Fuzuli District Prosecutor’s Office has launched a criminal case on the fact.

Just last week, the head of a mine cleaning unit was seriously


by an exploding mine.

Fuzuli, the dead city

Meydan TV's


to Fuzuli included a display by ANAMA of their mine destruction tactics. As these regions are now littered with mines, the slow process of clearing them has only just begun.

Many mines are left over from the 44-day long Second Karabakh War that took place between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in the Fall of 2020. The war resulted in Azerbaijani regaining control over large swaths of territory that had been controlled by Armenian forces, including the city of Shusha. Fighting ended after a three-party peace


between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia facilitated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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