Amnesty International calls for action in support of conscripted activist

Public asked to contact officials in support of NIDA activist Ulvi Hasanli, conscripted despite his poor health

Amnesty International has


on the public to take urgent action in support of conscripted NIDA activist Ulvi Hasanli.

In September 2017, Ulvi Hasanli was


from military service until 2019 due to kidney stones. In October 2017, the decision was suddenly reversed and Hasanli was sent directly from a medical examination to a military base at the line of contact in Karabakh without a chance to say goodbye to his family.

“Amnesty International believes he is being targeted because of his peaceful activism,” the statement reads.

Hasanli is a member of the NIDA Civic Movement, an organization promoting democratic change in Azerbaijan. “Over the last five years,” Amnesty International points out, “at least 14 NIDA activists have been imprisoned on a range of trumped-up charges, most of which related to arms and drug possession.”

The call to action asks the public to contact the Azerbaijani Minister of Defence, Zakir Hasanov, and the Chief of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription, Arzu Rahimov, by 22 March. Participants are asked to write in support of Hasanli’s exemption from military service and to end the politically motivated harassment of activists in Azerbaijan.

The statement includes contact information for both Zakir Hasanov and Arzu Rahimov:

Minister of Defence

Colonel General Hasanov Zakir Asgar Oghlu

3 Parliament Avenue

Baku AZ1073, Azerbaijan



Dear Minister

Chief of the State Service for Mobilisation and Conscription

Arzu Rahimov

30 Zarifa Aliyeva Street, AZ-1000

Baku, Azerbaijan


+994 12 493 1535



Dear Lieutenant-General

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