Ammunition depot explodes at military base

An official statement has been released following an explosion at a military base of the Defense Ministry.

A fire broke out for unknown reasons at a Defense Ministry military base at about 9 am on 27 August. The fire resulted in explosions at the military base's ammunition depot that is used to dispose of munitions, Azertaj reported.

"In line with instructions issued by the head of state, a commission has been established, comprising representatives of the ministries of defense, emergencies, internal affairs, and health, and the State Border Service, the Prosecutor-General's Office, local executive bodies and other state bodies, to determine the causes of the incident and implement appropriate security measures.

As a result of action taken, people who live and do their military service at the military base have been evacuated to a safe place," the report says.

The report also says that by 1300 hours, six people who were working at the site of the incident received light bodily injures and that it has not been reported whether anyone received severe injuries or was killed.

At the same time, residents of the villages of Sitalchay, Gilazi, Mammadhasan and Shurabad, which are located near the military base, have been evacuated to a safe place and placed in temporary tents set up by the Ministry of Emergencies. Other population centers are reported to be safe.

The Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor's Office has launched criminal proceedings under articles 223.2 (violation of health and safety regulations at explosive facilities that caused serious consequences) and 342.2 (negligent approach to service that caused serious consequences) of the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijani Republic. An investigation team is conducting investigative activities jointly with other agencies.

The Azerbaijani president is receiving regular updates on the urgent actions being taken.

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