5th Opposition Party Member Fired for Participation in April 9 Rally

Activist of the Khatai branch of the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party (APFP) Elkhan Nuriyev was dismissed from Azersu on May 3. The reason for this was his political activities and participation in an opposition rally on April 9.

According to Nuriyev, the leadership did not like his participation in the opposition rally on April 9, which was held under the slogan "No monarchy, no robbery, no lies!" and “end to plunder!”

"I was told that it is better to write a statement of resignation by my own will, so that something worse would not be done against me. I wrote it", Nuriyev said.

Elkhan Nuriyev is the fifth activist of the Azerbaijani Popular Front Party to lose his job after opposition rally on April 9.

On April 27, Aflatun Ahmadli, Chairman of Neftchala District PFPA, was dismissed from his job at School No. 1 in the village of Mayak, where he worked as a physics teacher.

On the same day, his wife, a member of the PFPA Ulker Ahmadli, a teacher of the Russian language at school No. 3 in Neftchala, was fired.

Activist of the Sheki APFP branch Ali Abdullayev was dismissed from a private enterprise after the rally.

On May 1, Jalil Imanov, an activist of the PFPA, a history teacher of the Ishkadarskaya village school of the Masalli district, was fired.

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