38 Soldiers Lost in First Half of 2017

38 servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces lost their lives in the first half of 2017, states a report of the "Caspian" Military Research Institute. 

22 soldiers lost their lives in non-combat conditions, while 16 were killed on active duty as a result of shelling from the Armenian military.

"Three servicemen died as a result of illnesses, three from accidents, and four committed suicide. 7 servicemen died under mysterious circumstances, two were shot by fellow soldiers, three died in an accident", the report claims. 

At least 5 civilians were killed in the first half of 2017: one lost his life to a mine, and four died under unknown circumstances. Over the studied period, one Azerbaijani citizen was taken prisoner by the Armenian military.

Mysterious and unexplained deaths in Azerbaijan's military are not uncommon. Several cases have made their way to the European Court of Human Rights.

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