Hasan Huseynli Released in Ganja (UPDATE)

Hasan Huseynli, who was arrested earlier this week, was released on April 2. He is charged with hooliganism for allegedly stabbing another Ganja resident Arzu Gahramanov with a knife. If the allegations are proved, Huseynli will be facing three to seven years in prison.


Hasan Huseynli, head of Intelligent Citizen NGO was arrested on March 31 in Ganja, Azerbaijan on charges of hooliganism for allegedly stabbing another person with a knife. 

Huseynli was reportedly taken from his home by a group of people in civilian clothes. Fizuli Shikhiyev, investigator at the Ganja Police Department confirmed his charges, but refused to give further comments. Around 1:30 a.m. on April 1 Huseynli was transferred from the Police Department to a detention facility handcuffed.

Shortly before his arrest Huseynli contacted Radio Liberty to report that he was approached by an unknown individual, who tried to engage him into a fight. According to Huseynli, the man was in his thirties and was dressed in business casual clothes. He approached Huseynli on his way to the Postal Office claiming Huseynli stepped on his foot. 

"He said aggressive words. He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me down. I was shocked. It was the first time I met him and he asked me why I am pulling him down. A woman approached us from the other side of the car and asked me why I was pulling him down. I felt it was a provocation. Why else would someone approach me all of a sudden?"

According to Huseynli, to avoid provocation he rushed into the Postal Office building and the person left. 

Intelligent Citizen NGO's mission is to spread the ideas of open society, and to contribute to the development of civil society. The organization carries out events and projects for capacity development in leadership.